Rock cheese
at it's finest


We formed purely for the money, but we're all still skint...
So instead we decided to just enjoy ourselves and play cheesy stuff you all know!

Forged from the raging volcanic depths of hell... (well, Suffolk actually...) Roquefort is a 5-pronged weapon of sheer rock-cheese mayhem. The band consists of musicians that only ancient legends dare to mention, and they deliver a monstrous platter of chords and riffs that has only once been described as "alright" by Geoff from the local fish market.

If you're still baffled by our introduction, look no further if you desire a night of cheesy rock tunes that you've heard countless times before and might even know the words to.
Yes, we dare to play songs such as "Smoke on the Water", "Summer of '69", "Don't Stop Believing" and even "Paranoid".


How do you handle dangerous cheese?